Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Credit where credit is due...

Cadel Evans, 2009 World Pro Road Champion, Mendrisio, CH

He may not be Italian, and has occasionally been known to be a bit of a whiner, but he shut everyone up with a stellar performance on Sunday. Cadel Evans is the new world champion (a double whammy, if you consider that he is the first Australian WC and that the WCs will take place in Oz next year!).

He did it the old fashioned way, riding away from everyone else on what was, by all accounts a tough course. Congratulations Cadel, may this finally be your consecration in the pro ranks. I honestly hope you will be able to beat the WC curse and am sure you will win important races in the coming year, all while wearing the rainbow jersey.

A few thoughts on the race... yes, apparently a rough circuit. The way most teams melted away (especially the Italian one!) leads me to believe that some underestimated the circuit. or got their tactics wrong. We Italians did what we usually do, trying to control the race from start to finish, but you win some and lose some... although I was less than impressed by Garzelli, Ballan, Pozzato and Basso. Cunego was alone in the last 10km (when the break went) but so were most others, with the exception of the three Spaniards who, in my humble opinion, threw it all away by not 'taking things in their own hands'. With three riders, they did not really attack, but kept one man (Valverde) on Cunego and another (Samuel Sanchez) on Cancellara. Why not make a move with one of the these two captains? Why leave Rodriguez out front to end up with a bronze. They definitely did not look good this time around. Meh...

The guy I do not get is Cancellara. A man that until recently was a top notch time trial specialist is now dropping people uphill. I hope we won't be getting any bad news from him in the future... but I digress. How about his fantastic attack which scared the holy heck out of everyone? To be followed by... nothing when it really counted. Hhhhmmmm... time to sit Fabian down and explain a few things about cycling tactics.

So, with the exception of the Paris-Tours and the Giro di Lombardia, we are heading for the end of the season. Time to wind things down in pro cycling and consider what happened this year and what next year holds in store. How about the Astana/Contador story for starters... LOL.


  1. To be fair, Cancellara doesn't specialize in road tactics (but he IS getting better). A fifth-place on a tough course and just after dominating in the TT means that Spartacus is one tough cookie. Besides, he's just so likeable!

    I wish Evans wasn't such a whiner...because he really does have what it takes to be a road champion. His victory was incredibly commanding and left no doubt in my mind that he is worthy of the rainbow stripes.

    Bummer about the Italians...I agree that they probably underestimated the course.

  2. Yes, Cancellara is supremely strong. But brawn without brains will not get you many victories at the end of a very long day like the WC...

    I agree that Evans definitely earned his rainbow jersey. Let's hope it gives him the confidence to kick it up a notch next year and bring home a GT win.

    As for the squadra azzurra, it was a good run... maybe we will have better luck next year!

  3. Just when I finally figure out how and where I can watch all of the races online the season starts to end....RUBBISH!

  4. Ciao 100 pounds... LOL. Try torrents... remember we still have the Giro di Lombardia this year!