Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grazie Tatiana!

Tatiana Guderzo, campione del mondo, 2009 Mendrisio (CH)

Just a short, ultra-nationalist post. Italy won its first gold medal in the Mendrisio (CH) World Road Cycling Championships, with a solo victory by Tatiana Guderzo. Completed by a bronze medal won by Noemi Cantele. Bravissime! Grazie ragazze!

Let us hope that this is a good omen for tomorrow for the elite men's race!

Both photographs from the website.


  1. Awesome! I set my Foxtel to record the race, so I'll be queuing it up later today to see the event. Sounds like it will be an exciting race to watch!

  2. Indeed. The Aussies are also doing rather well... although I do hope we are able to win today (that would make it four in a row, first time ever!).

    Hope I did jinx the team with that!

  3. Cunego is the pre-race favorite...and I'd love to see Ballan defend his World Champion stripes.

    Still, I'd really love to see Cancellara go two-for-two in championships. That would be a sight to behold, and the Swiss would go CRAZY for that!!!

  4. Well ghostrider, it really didn't work out the way I was hoping (or you!). Never would have picked Evans as the man. But there ya go, learn something new every day...