Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More yummy stuff...

Fresh mozzarella, pomodori, fresh basil, olive oil and some bread.
Yes, I am spoiled.

So one of the pleasures of being Italian is our food (I realise it's not fair, but it's not my fault if I am an Italian, male, only child, and a cyclist... ). One of the reasons that I ride... So I thought that, as I have not been riding much (read... at all... it's that work thing getting in the way of my free time!) I would share with you a few of the pleasures of Italian life.

Sometimes, especially in the summer, I really enjoy a dish of mozzarella with basil and olive oil with some nice bread (as you can see in the picture at the top of this post).

Other times, I need pasta. Preferably with something to make it even yummier. Like seafood...

Spaghetti with vongole... I really like this action shot...

At other times we get adventuresome and decide to make some homemade pizza. The daughters love being able to roll the dough and add the toppings...

Tried to take a picture of the whole pizza. I was not quick enough...

And while, as any good Italian, I am a wine drinker, sometimes I enjoy a beer. In this case, along with the pizza I had the opportunity to drink a wonderful Pietra, a Corsican beer which is flavoured with chestnuts.


Yes. A mindless post. Hope that you found it pleasant. Actually, makes me a wee bit hungry...

Have a great meal all, wherever you are!


  1. What time should I be over for dinner?
    Very nice looking food. Simple, fresh, seasonal.
    Me Likey!

  2. LOL. Anytime. Just give me some lead time... I want pics of your super-duper curry...

  3. My wife just recently got me into Red Wine, its the one indulgence I allow myself.

    And Chef....anytime you want to pass a Vegan Curry secret on to me I am all ears. Curry is like crack cocaine to me.

  4. 100poundsago, excellent, red wine is good for you!

    I also confused matters and asked ChefJT for his curry recipe when it was actually in reference to your twit-feed a few days ago.

    But, of course, that does not stop ChefJT from sharing his curry secrets with us!