Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family cycling...

I have been neglecting my blogging duties lately, with work and life continuing to get in the way... sorry about that! Time for a quick 'catching up' post.

A couple of weeks ago we got the entire family out for a nice ride on a short circuit that we have that is more or less 'taken over' by cyclists each weekend. Nice wide roads, with good asphalt and very limited traffic (at least by Rome standards).

It was a lot of fun... riding with my eldest daughter on her race bike, along with my wife and second daughter on her Burley Piccolo 'half-bike'. We rode about 30km... then the complaints started and we headed home.

Daughter number one powering along... yes, she needs a new helmet!

The eldest really enjoyed herself - she is now comfortable on her bike (yes, I know, we will raise her seat a bit) and is getting the hang of working the gears. She is also quite competitive and strongly dislikes other riders passing us. Powerful Pete (that would be me) thinks this is a very positive sign.

Keeping an eye on dad...

Daughter number two loves the Piccolo - she gets to pedal her heart out, and yet when she is tired or distracted (as happens to any five year old) she stops pedaling and enjoys herself. Of course, my wife doesn't quite feel the same way on the light uphill on the circuit.

My wife enjoys the riding (or so she tells me!) and we all like the fact that it is a healthy outdoors activity that we are able to participate in as a family.

So, if you had any doubts as a cycling parent, just get out there and do it! The kids love it - just start easy and remember that a circuit is best, as this allows you to cut the ride short if the kids get tired... And I heartily recommend the Burley Piccolo... A solid, well made piece of kit that is easy to use, comfortable for the child, and very safe. Plus kids absolutely love the flag!


  1. Great to see the family out there. As noted a zillion times on my blog - my 10 year old son and I ride and race together - which as been awesome.

    My wife, who did some recreational riding before the kids came, has been off the bike for years now. Maybe once my 6 year old daughter starts riding, we'll all get out there.

    Cool pics - thanks for posting.

  2. Ciao Dan! Get her back into riding... my youngest is 5 and rides with her mom on a Piccolo.

  3. Awesome Pete...just plain awesome!

  4. Thanks 100poundsago! When will we see pics of you and your kids riding?

  5. Pete,
    I will post a pic of me riding as far as the wife and will have to wait until the snow thaws to see them peddaling away. I have a strong suspicion that I will be at the BMX track come spring on a weekly basis with the 6 year old boy. As a former BMX racer I see a very natural talent with that one and that is not just me being biased.