Thursday, November 26, 2009

Training ride...

Ok, trained on the Fortius last night. Not feeling too great from the flu and all that, so I did a short (and thankfully flat) bit of the Milano San Remo. Tried to keep it in lowish gears as the moment I tried to up the power the legs immediately fell apart.

Here are the stats (at least, the bits I wrote down)...

1. distance: 24.8 km
2. average speed: 32.2 km p/h
3. average watts: 151
4. average rpms: 93

Have to admit that I like the Fortius more each time I use it. Impressive how I am not considering suicide - the 40-ish minutes I spent on the trainer just flew by!

So, it ended up being a nice agility workout... good to get the heart pumping and keep the legs spinning. No soreness in the legs today. Always a good thing.

Should be able to go for a longish ride tomorrow (off work) if the weather holds (threatening rain)...


  1. Have you seen the video clips on the Cervelo
    Hope you got your ride in
    it's a snow/rain mix here in Pittsburgh.

  2. Yup. Got a 95km ride in. Was most excellent. Now back to the trainer this evening... will keep you posted!

  3. Hope you're doing well- My girlfriend(Future wife?) made me move the Tacx to a different room
    hope to ride it Sunday. 12F this morning when I got up. Winter is here!

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been forced to move your bike in a different room! Women! They never get the important stuff!

  5. Pete,
    I rode twice outside two weeks ago- I haven't exactly been setting the world on fire! Trainer still set-up I've been lazy :(
    Hope you're well