Saturday, December 26, 2009

De Rosa...


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...

I had an extra special present. I contacted Marcello of Bikeadelic fame when I came across a website almost entirely dedicated to De Rosa bicycles... asking him if he was interested in pictures about my De Rosa Slx.

Well, he was. He actually dedicated an entire blog post to my beauty. Makes me feel extra special!

So, if you have a moment click on over to Bikeadelic and check out some of those beautiful De Rosa bikes! And yes, I have added him to my blog roll (I am not very subtle, am I?)...

Grazie Marcello!


  1. You sound like such a proud dad :D

  2. Indeed Max. As a fellow cyclist, you understand! ;-)

  3. I checked it out - very cool.

  4. Hehe. Thanks. Makes me feel... like a proud dad! ;-)

  5. Pete,
    The gauntlet has been thrown at your feet!
    Click on "Fortius Challenge" at my site.
    As you will see, it's about Fitness and Fun!
    Is my French correct?

  6. Hi

    Enjoying your blog and loving the De Rosa.

    Is that a Neo Primato?

  7. Ciao Richard. No, it's an original Slx Professional frame. It was born well over a decade before the Neo Primato made its debut!

  8. Just reading your blog...Saw the DeRosa....

    Beautiful !!! Of course but....
    Shoyu on Pasta? Ok lets get some proper Campy on there hahah

    Thanks great site