Monday, August 10, 2009

Cycling in Aiken, South Carolina

Words to live by!

Hello everyone! I only just realised that I have not blogged since May! Finally have some time to blog again... it has been truly hectic with work and life. Sorry about that...

Ok, on to the good stuff... I am currently in Aiken, South Carolina, for a two week family vacation. So this was a wonderful opportunity to get some riding in - I keep a Specialized alu roadbike here to ride when I am in town... having a nice bike, wonderful roads with little traffic make the riding here a true joy. So I thought I would impress all of you with a few pictures of the roads around Aiken, along with the 'heavy' traffic I have to deal with (this will make all the Europeans reading this laugh - remember this is early August!).

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Yes, this is normal traffic here... and the road surface is that good.

Wonderful legs... not shaved, I know. And check out the gleam on the frame...

In any event, hope that you are all having some good riding time out there. I cannot wait to get back to Italy for rides on my usual training routes, but definitely cannot complain about rides here in Aiken either. No real climbs, but lots of very pleasant rolling roads where you can ride as far as you want. Just be aware that there is the occasional rabid dog out there...

And also let me thank all of the drivers out here. Very, very polite (so far!), and they have always given me plenty of space when passing. A highly recommended area for riding.

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