Monday, March 30, 2009

A perfect ride...

Today is the first weekday following the change to daylight savings time here in Europe. I always look forward to this. It is the 'official' sign that the short, dark, dreary days of winter will soon be a memory. It signals the arrival of spring. And more daylight. Nicer weather, and more riding time. What more can a cyclist ask for?

So, this afternoon I left work at about 17:30 (as opposed to staying later and getting more work done) and... ended up extending my commute a wee bit... OK, a lot. Instead of a ~8 km ride home, I raced to the seashore (18 km from my office) and back home. A 36 km ride. By the way, did I mention that it was wonderfully sunny and the temperature was about 16

It was perfect. The kind of day that reaffirms everything we love about this sport.

Home in time for a quick shower and dinner with the family. And when we sat down for dinner there was still sunlight outside. Spring is almost here. And we can ride.

Happy, happy Powerful Pete.

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