Sunday, April 5, 2009

The new bike...
Last Thursday we picked up a new bike for my eldest daughter. And today was the big day... the first ride!

She is now the proud owner of a slightly used (it was raced for one year) Vicini all aluminum road frame, rebadged with our LBS' name. We decided to change the handlebars to a set of flatbars, as daughter 1 was unable to reach the brakes on the drops. And, to my great jealousy, she is riding tubulars. Very stylish and comfy! Euro pro! The bike is very smooth... as is confirmed by daughter 1, who tells me it is 'very fast' and 'way better than her old bike'. But then again, it might just be that 'new bike smell'...

In any event, today was the first 'real' ride, which she handled very well. Have to say, she is a very good rider - holds a line, has more than enough power for her age, and is clearly comfortable riding. So we started the ride in a car free park right by the seaside, and decided to go out on roads with car traffic. All went very well... including Mom and daughter 2, who rode on their mountain bike - Burley Piccolo contraption (more on that in another post).

The proud new owner...
We are all thrilled - this bike was purchased in preparation for a forthcoming Easter vacation trip, during which we hope to spend a lot of time riding as a family in Puglia (southern Italy)... and by this we mean at least a couple of hours - 30~40 km per day. So we are very happy and proud of the new 'real' cyclist in the family. Now I am beginning to develop secret visions of a future racing career, but I guess I should be a bit more conservative and hope that she becomes a lifelong cyclist. That would make me more than happy enough!

So, on a wonderful spring day (first day we were able to ride in short sleeves this year) I had a wonderful cycling outing with my whole family. And we are preparing for a five day vacation in southern Italy, with even more cycling, in a week's time. It does not get much better than this!

The other Euro Pro cyclist...
And just to prove we are Euro Pro cool, here is photographic evidence of daughter 2 in her 'I am ready to roll, what are we waiting for' pose. She is a bit peeved that she didn't get a new bike, and even more importantly, that her bike does not have a water bottle. But she is another strong rider... although she does occasionally stop pedaling altogether and looks at the birds and the trees... No worries though, it just means more intense training for mom, who is pulling her along!

So bye for now! I hope to post more next week during/after our forthcoming cycling vacation! All the best from sunny Rome!


  1. Hi Pete...I believe daughter 2 is riding a Burley Piccolo and not a Burley Solo (which refers to the photo in your header).

  2. Indeed, you are absolutely correct. That is an error on my part! Thanks for the correction!